An institution at the heart of development

Since its opening, UdM has done everything possible to become a leader among Cameroonian universities. With its history and its dynamism, today it sets out 4 priorities in taking up the challenge of excellence both at the national and international levels.

• Open to large numbers

  • UdM is a multidisciplinary university, open to all
  • The university has established optimal learning conditions on its campuses

• Involved with the community

  • promotion of diversified training that is adapted to the needs of the environment
  • direct application of research activities to the socioeconomic fabric
  • momentum for a strong dynamic of cooperation with other development agents at the national and international level

• An approach of demonstrated quality

  • Certified training programs with a strong pedagogical focus complemented by practical instruction
  • Research and innovation through development of research programs

• International aspirations

  • Through participation in international teaching and research networks
  • Centers of excellence in research and teaching


With its 8 degree programs in Health Sciences (Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Dental Surgery, Nursing) and Science and Technology (Computer Networks, Telecommunication Networks, Biomedical Engineering), UdM offers a wide range of choices in training high-level professionals and tomorrow’s leaders.
It is the premier Cameroonian university offering complete training programs in the area of Health Sciences and the only one to have established training in the fields of Pharmacy, Dental Surgery, and Biomedical Maintenance.


An attractive living environment

UdM is located in a setting that is fulfilling and conducive to work. On its three campuses, in fact, students can study in a serene environment and take part in sports and cultural activities, benefiting from guidance from the Office of Student Life. Approximately twenty sports and cultural associations are active on campus.