For slightly more than a decade now, the Université des Montagnes (UdM) has been working to seek and develop academic excellence. Created through the initiative of the Association for Education and Development (AED), a nonprofit making association in Cameroonian civil society, UdM stands today as a landmark university institution in Cameroon and the subregion of Central Africa.

A major center of education in Cameroon, UdM is a community of close to 2,000 people, including students, teachers-researchers, administrative personnel, and support staff.

The courses that UdM offers in the fields of health sciences and science and technology lead to qualifications suited to the present evolution of Cameroon and Africa.
UdM is conscious of the contribution it must bring to society. Today it is a major player in the development in its territory, in scientific, cultural, and economic areas. It aims to become an undeniable force in development at the regional, national, and international levels.

As an involved player in development, opened to the world, UdM has created ties for cooperation with more than 20 partner universities and associations in Africa as well as in Europe and America. These partners regularly spend time on its campuses for teaching and research as well as to support the institution in its development.

A nonprofit making citizens’ institution, UdM has, from the beginning, benefited from the many contributions from benefactors of all kinds and especially from the Cameroonian diaspora in Europe, North America, and their networks of relations. As it is the case for any institution of this kind, the needs of UdM are great and it will continue to count on the support of all kinds of good will in order to consolidate its gains and pursue its growth.

I wish an excellent academic year to the members of our community, and I warmly thank all the friends of UdM throughout the world who give unfailing support to the development of this institution.

Prof. Lazare KAPTUE
  President of the Université des Montagnes